Borobudur in the Rain – Travel means rediscover or discover new places, different smells, flavours and sensations, in the end is one of the most beautiful experiences in life, and doing it with the person you love is even better. Some weeks ago we decided to take the gocar and just get lost out there. We ended up discovering Borobudur in the rain, the single largest Buddhist temple on Earth.

Maha-yana Buddhist pilgrims climb the 95-foot-high, multitiered structure as a symbolic journey to enlightenment. Apex views of surrounding volcanoes are breathtaking, but the nearly 3,000 bas-reliefs deserve a closer look.

Borobudur. It doesn’t matter how many time we visit you, you always enchant me. This place is incredible the sensation of walking through a way full of relief panels and Buddha statues, looking up and hearing the wind sound.

If not in the rain, hundred of Indonesian tourists pushing, shouting, with selfie sticks taking photos in the middle of the temple.

We live in our own little world. But its ok, they know us here.

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Borobudur in the rain.

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Stay tuned for more our adventure in Indonesia.


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