Breathing & Moving with Manop Meejamrat in Ratchaburi, Thailand – The other day, after lunch at Suan Silp Baan Din, I spent a bit of time with my new friend, Manop Meejamrat – a renowned modern dancer.

He is also a master of Thai classical dance, a famous choreographer and director.

Manop began his career with Patravadi Theatre in 1992, and was trained in a wide array of arts including jazz, modern dance, Japanese Butoh, Javanese dance and acrobatics.

In 2001, Manop received the honour of leading the “Wai-Kru” ceremony, a ritual for paying respect to performing art teachers. In 2005, Manop was awarded “Silapathorn” National Award for Contemporary Performing Artists from the Thai Ministry of Culture.

Manop has appeared in majority of the Theatre’s productions, including many international performances, namely: “Lord Stressful: A Contemporary Khon Performances” (Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, and France), “All About Basic” (Hong Kong, Singapore, and ‘International Arts Festival’ in Estonia), “The Sound of Siam” (Spain, Japan, Estonia and ‘Images of Asia’ festival in Denmark), “Blood on the Cat’s Neck” (New York), “The Ramayana: Sahatsadecha” at Biennale de la Danse de Lyon (France) and a solo performance “Return” (Germany).

He was also assistant director of “Realizing Rama”, an all ASEAN production (Hanoi, Vietnam).

Er yeah, so I’m really happy with Manop.

We danced “Lotus for Buddha” and cheered for hours. It was definitely one of the most crazy, fun and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

A HUGE thanks to Manop. Discover Thainess!

I’ll see you all soon.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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