Cassia Bintan, Make You Feel Like In A Modern Art Gallery – The best thing about going to a perfect hideout is that local people will recommend new places to see and eat. That’s exactly what we did when we went to Bintan Island. We found the Cassia Bintan: more than just a hotel. We typically don’t pay much attention to hotel lobbies; usually we’ll make a hasty beeline towards our room right after check in. But Cassia Bintan’s – dubbed the Meeting Point – was hard to dismiss. Between its super modern design, and the fact that it was an entire cafe, mini marketplace, games corner unto itself, you’ll find yourself hanging out here a lot.

The Meeting Point also sets the tone for the entire resort. The neon-coloured, graffiti-style wall art not only makes for unique IG backdrops, but it’ll also make you feel like you’re in a modern art gallery.


In collaboration with the Conservation Lab of Laguna Bintan, 3,280 Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtle hatchlings have been released.

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