Cave Tubing In Goa Pindul, Gunungkidul – Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta is a popular place for travel junkies given its various natural attractions. Visit the exotic underground river to see the light of heaven inside the cave, the heaven’s light is heavenly and do cave tubing along. It is a funtastic experience.

Drive about 30 mins by motorbike from The Kamasari to Pindul Cave (Goa Pindul), a cave formed by karst with underground river. Pindul known for caving way done with the tires float up above the underground river inside the cave, this activity known as cave tubing.

After reach there, the local guide will take you to the place where you can take the tub to enter the cave. It will take you 30-50 mins to enjoy the stalagmite and stalagtite inside the cave. Before the end of the cave, you could see the light of heaven thru the hole.

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