Celebrate Chinese New Year With No Shark Fin Soup!

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Chinese New Year is coming this week. And, tragically, a great deal of shark fin will be eaten during this time.

The Facts – Shark Finning. Indonesia, India, Spain, and Taiwan are the top four shark-catching nations and account for over 35% of the total sharks captured each year. 73-100 million sharks are killed for their fins each year! Most of this is to meet the demand for shark fin soup. For consumers, shark fin is a status symbol flaunted at special occasions like Chinese New Years and weddings.

Hong Kong imports 10,000 tonnes of shark fin every year. 50% of the world’s shark fins are imported in HK. Demand in China is increasing rapidly with the rise of the country’s middle and wealthy classes. As China is the country with the world’s largest population, it’s a huge market for shark fin. Shark fin can fetch $500 per pound. The trade is lucrative. Worldwide, shark populations are in decline. 181 species of shark are on the endangered list.

So, what you can do this Chinese New Year. Whether you’ll be celebrating, casually taking part or just observing New Year celebrations, there are things you can do. The oceans belong to everyone so don’t let some staunch shark fin fan tell you you’re being disrespectful of their culture or spoiling their occasion.

Inform friends and family. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year, tell your friends and family about the problems on the earth with eating shark fin. Advise your dinner organiser to exclude shark fin products from the celebration. And, Choose shark-friendly restaurants

Celebrate Chinese New Year With No Shark Fin Soup!

Happy Green New Year!

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