Chiang Mai Celadon Factory and Cultural Gallery Tour – Sometimes, when we reminisce about our trip to Thailand we struggle to decide what our favourite city is. Bangkok is breathtaking, futurist and totally amazing but Chiang Mai has something which we absolutely adored: magic. We loved getting lost around Chiang Mai, especially around the Chiang Mai Celadon. It was great to walk around aimlessly and take in its Thai wooden houses, lemongrass tea houses, makes, tourists dressed in regional dress, ceramics factory and cultural gallery as a backdrop.

With @ThaiAirways we visited Chiang Mai Celadon, genuine ceramics the precious heritage of Lanna Kingdom. Thanks @ThaiAirways and @tourismthailand for hosting us.

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Chiang Mai Celadon, genuine ceramics the precious heritage of Lanna Kingdom. Maintain and inherit Lanna handicraft and Lanna wisdom unto the next generation of our children with such a strong will to originate a new Lanna identity and glorify a well-known Chiang Mai Celadon.

Celadon is one kind of three main types of ceramics in Thailand. Its production has continued to develop from is eraly beginnings 700 years ago until the present. The name “Celadon” means green stone. It comes in many shades and styles, being found in tones of light and dark gray, honey yellow, green and green-yellow, olive green, blue-green and brown.

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