Chill Out at Mandalika Beach, Lombok

mandalika bossa nova scene. – Today, we bring you to one of my favourite beach to chill out in the sun.

We spent a glorious afternoon at Mandalika Beach, LombokWest Nusa Tenggara. My god, I had a fabulous time lazing in the sun, playing and working.

It’s a sheltered beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand, making it perfect for everyone.

There was NO ONE around. It was fantastic. We had a little private beach all to ourselves!

Locals say that while you’re at Mandalika Beach, the “thing you have to do” is to planking between the wave and the sand. Jrenngg…!!!

look around.

comin’ home baby.

sea foam style on the shore.

And you can see from this picture, I did. I fell asleep to the sound of the waves. The water was so tropical. And my feet was tickled by weird looking seaweed.

A little later we walked up and down the hills.

The weather was just perfect and gorgeous!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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