Coastal Munch With Seasalt – Seasalt is one of the lovely places we’d previously seen on Alila Seminyak social media channels. It’s a hidden gem in Bali. It has a gorgeous floor, a lovely atmosphere, wonderful staff and delicious food. Seasalt marks the start of a tantalizing seafood dining experience in Seminyak, with a dash of Japanese infusion, exciting palates with an enticing taste of the sea in its fresh seafood selection.

The vibrancy of an open kitchen, the changing patterns of light and shadow on the outdoor decks throughout the day, and the feel of the ocean breeze also serve to create a remarkable sense of openness and connection to the ocean for a relaxed coastal dining experience.

We recommend the Coastal Munch menu and obviously, the coffee. We’ve visited Seminyak a times in the past few years and we were really shocked that we hadn’t discovered Seasalt before. We’re sure we’ll go back, hopefully soon.

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