Come Dance With Duriyapraneet House Bangkok – We arrived in Bang Lamphu “Hollywood of the Past” Bangkok, fully energised, and ready to celebrate Thai cultural out with local artists. We were in charge of Thai music in Duriyapraneet House, where we danced and had a fab time! Since its establishment in 1898, the Duriyapraneet House has been actively engaged in preservation of Thai music thoughout several generations.

The founder of the house and his wife, were a part of Royal Orchestra Band. One of their daughters, Sutchit Anantakul, who was also the Princess Sirinthorn’s music teacher, became Thai National Artist in the performing arts (Thai music) and her daugher still continues to offer classes for the people in her community.

Here, you can dress up in Thai costume, learn Thai dance and Thai musical instruments such as Khim, Ranat, Sor, etc.

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