Coming Home to Togean Islands – Just wanted to share this super-cute photo after all of my running, I’m finally coming home to Togean islands. Travel Junkie Indonesia, looking very pleased and content at home!

The Togean Islands, or just the Togeans, is an archipelago of 56 pristine coral and volcanic islands and islets located in the Gulf of Tomini in Central Sulawesi.

The surrounding coral reef supports a rich, diverse marine life and life over the surface, the people, consists of around seven ethnic groups.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming
I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming
You know that I’ll be coming home

It may be long to get me there
It feels like I’ve been everywhere
But someday I’ll be coming home

Round and round the world will spin
Oh, the circle never ends
So you know that I’ll be coming home.”
(Coming home by John Legend)

I absolutely love the quiet and the stillness of my home. I will miss this.

“Eastern Indonesia is secret paradise — everything green, blue, tropical, exotic. it’s like a dream. Eastern Indonesia Truly Oceania!” – Travel Junkie Indonesia

The night skies with its glittering blanket of diamonds is the most breathtaking and  romantic sights I’ve ever seen. I will definitely miss this.

Happy Green Travels!

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  1. This is an interesting blog that you have posted, you shares a lot of things about the togean island, it really help me to plan my vacation for the togean island.

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