Conquering Puncak B-29 Lumajang, East Java – I wasn’t really excited about it because I’m not the type who enjoys hiking up (and down) a mountain. I can still remember my friend laughing at me when I told them we were hiking up a mountain. All my friend was able to say was “Good luck.” — pretty much what I needed. We headed straight to Lumajang in East Java. And suddenly it occurred to me that at 4am we start our climb to Puncak B-29. I tried my best to force myself to sleep at 11 PM. Woke up at 3am to prepare my stuff and get ready for the climb. We all met up at the lobby, got oriented, and boarded the ojeks that will take up to the starting point of the climb.

The sunrise from Puncak B-29 was a treat. Everything looked so dreamy and obviously, I went crazy and took a ton of photos. Being up in the summit and watching the sun rise was just magical.

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Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.


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