Denmark’s Top Art Destinations

ARoS (Image courtesy of – Denmark is a land of 400 islands and 7,500km of coastline. Therefore you are never more than  50km away from the sea with many tourist attractions within just a few hours’ drive.

Denmark is leader in industrial design and art, with a style marked by cool, clean lines applied to everything from architecture to silverware and furniture. Here, TJI have some pretty cool Denmark’s top art destinations to share!

So, here are Denmark’s top art destinations.

V1 Gallery
The preeminent gallery in arty Kødbyen, V1 has associations with some of the hottest names in contemporary Danish art.

This vast, IO-story public art museum is essentially a second national gallery. Currently haloed by Olafur Eliasson’s astonishing circular Your Rainbow Panorama.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
One of the most beautiful art museums in Scandinavia lies on the coast north of Copenhagen with a world-class collection of Danish and international post-war art.

Gallery Nicolai Wallner (Image courtesy of

Nicolai Wallner
The major player of the recently emerging gallery quarter in the revitalised Carlsberg Brewery complex. Wallner has acted as a showcase for Danish and international contemporary artists for three decades.

The Tegner Museum
Some have called him the world’s worst sculptor, other have claimed Rudolph Tegner to be a symbolist genius. Make up your own mind at this astonishing concrete bunker in rural North Zealand.

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