Dine Out, AOKI Japanese Cuisine Style at Hotel Gran Mahakam, Jakarta

Thetraveljunkie.org – I organised a christmas dinner for myself with a friend at AOKI Japanese Cuisine, Hotel Gran Mahakam – Jakarta. It was perfect!

This was the second time that I have eaten here. The first time, I forget to bring my Sony NEX-7 camera, and my Sony Xperia Z2 snaps just didn’t do justice to the food and ambiance.

The food was delicious, the price of the meal was great value and I had a lovely experience. So to come here the second time… my mouth was watering with anticipation!

AOKI Japanese Cuisine has now revealed itself as the most stylish dining venue in the city.

It was new, modern, stylish, lots of tables and private room. I was amazed by their decorations. Neat but romantic. Lovely place to dine with your loved ones.

First, they served hot ocha. I prefer cold ocha, so I ordered the cold one.


And this was the appetizer, our Otoshi – Sake Wakame Shu.

It was heavenly delicious!

Chawanmushi (egg custard).

It was lovely.


And it was a fresh crab hand roll – crab meat and tuna wrapped in soy paper. The crab meat and tuna were very enticing and generous. YUM!

This is Sake Yaki makia – rolled crab meat and salmon on top. It was very yummeh. Spectacular!

And, Crunchy Inari Sushi – rolled skin salmon with Japanese bean curd. They add tobiko on top, made it prettier. Its flavours were delicate and delicious.

This was my Beef Teriyaki. The beef was aaaamazing!

It was also soft and fresh, and it almost melted in my mouth. It was such a joy to eat.

I really liked this dish. It was already my winning pick of the night!

And my friend to chose, Seafood Spicy Yaki which was quite nice and this looked amazing. I was told this was one of popular dishes. Heavenly!

When all the food arrived, I was afraid that we didn’t order enough, but it was fine in the end. I even had lots of room for dessert.

And we shared a Sandwich Ice Cream Coffee and Ogura Ice Cream.

It was just amazing to eat like a Japanese.

However, it was fantastic. Rediscover Japanese food!

My friend and I had a lovely time. The atmosphere was great, the portions were good, prices were fine, and the food was tasty.

Overall it was excellent and I would definitely come back!

AOKI Japanese Cuisine
Hotel Gran Mahakam
Jalan Mahakam I No.6
Blok M, Jakarta 12130


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