Discover Tao Hong Tai Ceramics Factory, Ratchaburi – Thailand – I have to be honest and say that when Discover Thainess trip to Ratchaburi, I didn’t know very much about Tao Hong Tai Ceramics.

I was a little embarressed to discover that:

For over 60 years Tao Hong Tai have specialized in producing a wide variety of high quality ceramics including Chinese ceramics, Thai ceramics, and modern ceramics.

Tao Hong Tai also produce custom-made ceramics produced to your specifications including ceramic furniture, sculptures, and tiles.

And what interested me was talking to the Tao Hong Tai people and finding out what Tao Hong Tai think about their ceramics, and why they feel they have a unique custom-made. My interest was piqued by the idea of seeing the whole design process, and what inspired that design.

I was excited about getting an education!

In a guided tour of the Tao Hong Tai ceramics factory, we saw inside the Tao Hong Tai production department, and we saw some ceramics that won’t even be released for several seasons. I noticed that Tao Hong Tai have brought in lots of new and/or old stylist looks for their collections.

We spent hours at the development centre and I can say I now definitely have a higher respect for ceramics made with higher quality materials and craftsmanship. I didn’t realised that the ceramic design and making process was so long and complicated.

overall this was been an enjoyable and valuable adventure for me. Yay to being a ceramic geek!

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