Do You Know The Way To The Hunter Wine Theatre?

winetime story | camera Sony NEX-7 – Do you know the way to the Hunter Wine Theatre in Hunter Valley?

With my Bro, Sis, and I went to the Hunter Wine Theatre, a brand new experience takes just half an hour in Hunter Valley Resort dedicated theatre.

Going to the movies is more like an escape, with a dream in your heart you are never alone.

knowing red, knowing white | camera Sony NEX-7

what if feels like for a winemaker | camera Sony NEX-7

Up on the big screen – learn a little of the Hunter’s wine heritage, Australia’s oldest wine area. See the grapes being harvested, and being crushed at the on site winery.

The winemaking lesson continues watching how the wine press actually works, the winemaker adding the yeast, seeing the juice start to ferment to into alcohol, learn the art of wine blending, and finally the wine being bottled.

And that’s just for the white wines. Making red wine is a completely different process.

wine tasting of chardonnay | camera Sony NEX-7

this is how the travel junkie know | camera Sony NEX-7

After the show, up came the lights and it was down to the serious business of wine tasting.

Then the cellarmaster takes us through the “Structure” of wine. Why is colour important? Smell the many bouquets of wine, and of course what should one look for in taste of wine?

Aaaah… It was really imaginative and it was a surprising education for my life into a world of wine.

I walked out of the Hunter Wine Theatre with the biggest smile on my face, and yes, it was exactly the kind of escape I was looking for.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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