Dolphin and Whale Cruise With @MoonShadowCruz in @Port_Stephens

sail with moonshadow cruises | camera Sony NEX-7 – Lucky the travel junkie! Destination NSW and Garuda Indonesia took me to dolphin and whale cruise with Moonshadow Cruises. Oooh my god!

You know what? Moonshadow Cruises is 2012 Gold Winner – best major tour operator in NSW.

And, Port Stephens is a stunning little coastal area best known for its beautiful coastline, its resident population of between 140 to 160 bottlenose dolphins. Whales migration on May to November, and a diverse range of water sport activities.

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moonshadow cruises at d’Albora Marinas | camera Sony NEX-7

We took an ecotourism-accredited Moonshadow Cruises from d’Albora Marinas, Nelson Bay and got up close with these much loved sea mammals. It was INCREDIBLE!

The day could not have been perfect. It’s a chilly Winter’s day. Windy. The ocean was as flat as a pond. And most importantly, the ride in the boat was smooth and cruisey.

I ran up to the bow of the boat and took heaps of great photos! We followed them for quite a bit. Just watching them heave up and dive down. Their huge dark shadows slowly breaking the surface of the still waters.

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where did my baby go | camera Sony NEX-7

nelson bay a place for us | camera Sony NEX-7

take a look around | camera Sony NEX-7

pinky dolphin | photo by moonshadow cruises

whales double breach | photo by moonshadow cruises

The whole experience was exactly what you’d expect from watching dolphins and whales – being filled with amazement, sense of serenity, majesty, mystery, awe and calmness. Anger towards whaling, helplessness towards global warming and environment pollution.

With 32 years experience and the largest vessels in Port Stephens and Newcastle, Moonshadow Cruises gets you close to the action quickly and safely.

The boat was complete luxury! The deck was carpeted. They were giving away free drinks, coffee, tea, australian fruitcake and other. The modern vessels are equipped with huge boomnets, waterslides, spacious decks, licensed bars and dance floors. I really enjoyed.

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searching for the lover I knew | camera Sony NEX-7

moonshadow cruises sunshine | camera Sony NEX-7

sitting in moonshadow level one | camera Sony NEX-7

dance of delicious | camera Sony NEX-7

We came back to d’Albora Marinas. It has a great view of the ocean. And, we enjoyed a sumptuous buffet lunch on the Moonshadow cruises – Port Stephens floating restaurant.

When I eat here I can taste the ocean, the sunshine, the people, the air, and the earth. Their food is lovely. It was a great party!

For more information about Moonshadow Cruises, visit

So I do plan to come back for summer cruises the next time here! P.S. I love you xx

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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