Dragon Palace Chinese Seafood Restaurant Perth

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – The other night my friends and I were invited to Dragon Palace Chinese Seafood Restaurant, PerthWestern Australia.

I was pretty excited. The interior was nice, cosy, east meet west.

I always love Chinese food dinners – a format where everyone sits around soup, seafood, tofu, vegetables, etc. It is always such a merry and fun way to eat food with loved ones, and you end up with a unique soup to eat.

There was no long wait for the food. Here’s what we ate:

1. Soup of the day
2. Steamed chicken with special sauce
3. King prawn with singapore sauce
4. Fish fillet sweet corn sauce
5. Peking spare ribs
6. Fried bean curd with oyster sauce
7. Braised beef with sliced potato
8. Vegetables with oyster sauce
9. Rainbow fresh fruit platter
10. Chinese tea and steamed rice
11. White wine

It tasted pretty good – tasty and fresh. They pride themselves on exceptional quality, variety and service.

Dragon Palace Chinese Seafood Restaurant
66 Francis Street,
WA 6003


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