Eating Nasi Goreng on Mount Coolum’s Summit – Today I bring you to eating Nasi Goreng on Mount Coolum’s Summit, Queensland, Australia. Here’s one for your Sunshine Coast bucket list. Mount Coolum is an awe-inspiring volcanic dome that presides over the Sunshine Coast landscape. Climbing to the top of this 25 million year old laccolith is a must-do when visiting the region – the views from the top are absolutely spectacular!

Take a challenging walk to the summit where there are spectacular 360 degree views of the coastal area, including Point Cartwright and the Glass House Mountains to the south, the Blackall Range to the west, and Noosa Heads to the north.

Enjoy a steep trek to the summit of one of the Sunshine Coast’s ancient volcanic domes. Created about 26 million years ago, Mount Coolum is a laccolith, formed when a dome-shaped bulge of magma cooled below the Earth’s surface.

The walking track includes some of nature’s own rock steps. Formed during the volcanic period, large hexagonal cooling columns lie almost horizontally in the track’s path.

The walk begins in open forest and as the elevation increases and soils change, the forest becomes woodlands, shrublands, and then low montane heath on the summit.

Montane heath plants are dwarf species that rarely grow above 1 m in height. This is due to the harsh conditions in which they grow, including exposure to high winds and sun, as well as infertile substrates and high evaporation rates.

Many rare and threatened species grow here, including the endangered Mount Coolum she-oak Allocasuarina thalassoscopica, a plant found nowhere else.

It is essential that visitors keep to the walking track and defined viewing areas to avoid trampling and damaging plants.

This park is excellent for birdwatching—many honeyeaters can be seen in the heath and birds of prey, including resident peregrine falcons, soar above. During winter and spring migrating whales can be seen out at sea.

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