Electric Biking DYU V1 and F-wheel A5 In The Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Thetraveljunkie.org – Last week, I woke up early in the morning and took The Bojoku out for a little e-bike ride in the Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia. The Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum offers a stunning view of Mount Coolum. I rode my DYU V1 which looked sporty, tough, sleek black, sexy and a bit badass! It adopts minimal design. Its hidden battery is integrated with the body, showing the simplicity and fashion. And, The Bojoku rode her F-wheel A5, stronger for real. F-wheel A5 with its portable and removable battery, convenient for charging.

The Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum is another walk close to Mount Coolum that meanders through mangroves until you reach the point overlooking Coolum Beach.

Tips for an enjoyable day on the bike trails
1). Wear a helmet
2). Take water
3). Learn what the signs mean and what your ability level is
4). Watch out for walkers
5). Take a repair kit

Happy e-cycling!

For more information and to buy, visit www.fwheel.cc.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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