Endless Summer: From Alila Seminyak With Love

Thetraveljunkie.org – In the meantime I’m writing this, I remember the sensation perfectly fine. We looked each other but we didn’t say a word. We didn’t say a word but we were thinking the same. It looked like a dream or a drama romantic film. We were, really, speechless. That’s Alila Seminyak in Bali. We call it in many different ways: art tropical island or the tropical island that wants to follow the ocean.

Everything you read, believe us, is not enough.

Air, tropical, reflections and a golden sunset. Alila Seminyak is all of that and an architecture and interiorsm paradise as well. Believe us, this is not an subjective opinion, everyone talk for themselves.

After living the wonderful experience of their suite room, we definitely verify that.

As much as we travel we give more value to the things we have close to us, and this hotel situated in Seminyak area is the perfect example. We were years looking forward to go and now we can tell we will come back very soon.

Bath with views @alilaseminyak @alilahotels

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The perfect calm // @alilaseminyak @alilahotels

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? B A L I ? // @alilaseminyak @alilahotels

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Maximum Chill at @alilaseminyak @alilahotels

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Catch more sunsets like this at the @alilaseminyak @alilahotels

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Sound of sunset // @alilaseminyak @alilahotels

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Book now: www.alilahotels.com.


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