Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I stumbled across one of my old photos this afternoon.

It kind of jumped up and took my breath away.

It made me gaze into the folds of colour, towards that pale yellow blur and made me think – is that for real?! Did I really sit on the wooden boat in that moment?!

I’ve been feeling a bit lackluster this last week. Not in the mood to talk about tourism. Or traveling. Or share funny stories. Or anything really. I just wanted to hang around people I know and love. Just wanted to do normal, galau, boring stuff like packing clothes with my reggae music turned up loud.

But by this afternoon, I think I’m over my solitude… and ready to greet the world with my smiling face again.

I took the photo about 5 years ago. It was from this blog post.  We were at the Karimunjawa sea, enjoying a warm summer evening by the shore.

We all had a great time and great life. FANTASTIC!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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