Famile Dine at Mavericks on the Bay @Port_Stephens

talk about tourism and p.s. I love you xx | camera Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I was kidnapped by Port Stephens Tourism, Destination NSW, and Garuda Indonesia to famile dine at Mavericks on the Bay, a perfect place to sit and watch the world go by with family, an old friend, a new love, or whomever may strike your fancy.

Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want. – Gael Greene.

EAT, TRAVEL, BLOGGING, and SLEEP! Well I promised to take faster photos. So I decided to abandon all and just ENJOY THE MEAL.

welcome to mavericks on the bay bar | camera Sony NEX-7

seafood tasting, red wines, and our family | camera Sony NEX-7

fantastic seafood tasting platter | camera Sony NEX-7

For starters, we had seafood tasting platter – fresh local oysters, thai king prawns, pan seared scallops, soft shell crab salt and pepper squid.

A perfect balance of soft bits and eaten with sweet Australian sauce, it was a yummy start.

my sis choose of fish fillets served on a herb cous cous with carrots, broccolini and a almond butter | camera Sony NEX-7

my bro choose of grilled scotch fillet steak served with green beans, roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and chats | camera Sony NEX-7

ola my lemon and coriander chicken breast served with coconut rice and mango chilli salsa | camera Sony NEX-7

I choose of lemon and coriander chicken breast served with coconut rice and mango chili salsa.

This was a fantastic entree. The chicken was soft and juicy. It totally appealed to my healthy side and it felt like good “clean eating food. I went all paparazzi on them with my small black Sony NEX-7.

our mixed dessert platter | camera Sony NEX-7

Ooh last was the Mixed Dessert Platter – a mixture of mini desserts and fresh fruits.

OK THIS DISH was the MIND BLOWER for me. It was like a reference to 70’s – 80’s Aussie kids treats. It was fricking aaaawesome!!

And when I tasted it, I gasped with surprise and enjoyment and I knew it was a modern take on the classic Australian dessert… I was pretty full at this point. I think I drunk to much wines. Such a newbie error and it was sooooo goooood!

Overall. I thought the food was just wonderful, not amazing. It’s been a wonderful evening. I leave Mavericks on the Bay for my hotel, feeling uncomfortably full but completely satisfied.

It was fantastic to see a place like this emerge in the beachside D’Albora Marina area. It was stylish, sophisticated, breezy, relaxed and definitely more “grown up” than its former life as an old beer garden.

I would love to come back during the day to try out the lunch or dinner menu, on a week day/night. I’d definitely take up the opportunity to try this again, just me and a girlfriend.

P.S. I love you xx

Mavericks on the Bay
Ground Level, D’Albora Marina,
Nelson Bay NSW

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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