Fantastic Jumog Waterfall

Indigenous party at Jumog | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7 – I woke up, looked out my window and OMG it was such a beautiful day!

We were here! We had a family holiday “missing heaven”, Azis Abdullah brought Fita Fito, Anisa Na, Ringga Prayudha, Puri Haryadi, Ridwan Doank, O’onk Madourart and Travel Junkie Indonesia, to Jumog Waterfall.

It was fantastic! We only went for half day, but it was enough for me to rest and recharge my batteries.

Jumog white | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Jumog red | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Jumog name is taken from the name of the hill where the waterfall is located. This waterfall is located at Berjo Village, Ngargoyosa sub-district, Karanganyar Regency. It is located around 38 kilometers from Solo.

Jumog waterfall is very interesting that almost all the “recommended”, where travel junkies could meditation at waterfall areas.

A calming at Jumog | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Anisa Na and blissful | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

The view of the waterfall is so amazing. Well, most of all we relaxed and hung out at the waterfall.

It was a simple and easy holiday, but we all had a fantastic time!

So yes, a lovely and simple day. It was indeed priceless.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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