Fantastic Lunch with Mr. Wong in Sydney

heard of Mr. Wong | camera Sony NEX-7 – Eeeek I am so excited to tell you all about this update.

Woohoo! nice to meet you Mr. Wong. Mr Wong is a themed restaurant – the look is 1920’s colonial Hong Kong – before the revolution.

It’s been FANTASTIC for travel junkies. Layered with timeless colonial furnishings including timber floors with tiled inlay, bamboo framed French woven chairs and slow turning ceiling fans, Mr. Wong pays homage to classic Chinese influences in a contemporary style. Perfectooo!

welcome to Mr. Wong | camera Sony NEX-7

Mr. Wong bossa | camera Sony NEX-7

wave in level one | camera Sony NEX-7

wines room | camera Sony NEX-7

The Cantonese-style menu features over 60 dishes including Chinese roasted duck, faux Shark Fin Soup and Abalone served Steamboat style, as well as an unrivalled dim sum selection.

Sprawled over two levels Canto-extravaganza, the 240 seater Mr. Wong is one of the largest restaurants in the northern end of the Sydney CBD. It offers a range of dining options varying from private dining rooms and large group tables, through to intimate tables for two and seating at the open kitchen.

It has been harmonised perfectly with an army of staff to ensure the smooth flow of everything.

Mr. Wong the open kitchen | camera Sony NEX-7

love shines at the open kitchen | camera Sony NEX-7

classic Chinese influences | camera Sony NEX-7

a juicy with crisp skin and sweet meat | camera Sony NEX-7

Well, for our entree – Mix steamed dim sum selection, fresh vegetarian salad of cucumber, fennel, celery, woodear mushrooms and rice jelly sheets, Taiwanese style crispy chicken chop, King prawn wontons with soy chilli dressing, and house-made XO sauce.

stunning of salt and pepper calamari | camera Sony NEX-7

mmm delicious of beef and blackbean, asparagus, baby corn and snowpeas | camera Sony NEX-7

the one that you love in asparagus, sugarsnaps and broccoli with garlic and rice wine | camera Sony NEX-7

A little later, my mains arrived. It was steamed fish fillet with ginger and shallots, Salt and pepper calamari, Beef and blackbean, asparagus, baby corn and snowpeas, Asparagus, sugarsnaps and broccoli with garlic and rice wine.

Ooh my. This is my lunch??? it was HUGE.

However, My friends and I had a lovely time. I appreciated that this was their signature dish and that this recipe is based on traditional cuisine.

I really enjoyed it.

inside of love | camera Sony NEX-7

Aaa I absolutely love Mr. Wong. The atmosphere was great, the portions were good, prices were fine, and the food was tasty.

It was just FANTASTIC!

Located within an easy walk of trains, buses and parking stations. It’s perfectly placed for a quick lunch time snack, pre and post theatre suppers, late night dining, large celebratory events and family get-togethers.

A big thank you to Garuda Indonesia and Destination NSW. Visit for more information about Mr. Wong.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. Whoa ure so lucky, kak Bowo.

    Love the interior of the restaurant, and I believe you gained more weight after that huge lunch! The food looks delicious and sumptuous 😉

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