Forget the N7W, Komodo Dragon Now in Starbucks – It seems that talking about Komodo is now becoming a hot issue in conventional and non-conventional media. Some are pros and some are cons. There once supported Komodo as a New7Wonders (N7W) are now sputtering and labeling the foundation as an international-scale vanity scam.

For me, despite all the controversy about the Komodo in the N7W popularity contest, Komodo is already of the nature to popular due to its magic. No wonder that UNESCO has long crowned Komodo as one of the Natural World Heritage List and Man Biosphere Reserve.

Because it is so popular, Komodo is actually already going global, even more famous than the New7Wonders contest itself. And what made it famous was not just Indonesian people, but the world community. In California, there is Komodo Food, which is very popular. In London there is a fashion brand named Komodo Clothing. In Fiji there is a deodorant for men named Old Spice Komodo Deodorant (hopefully it won’t make men to have smell like Komodo).

And, we also know that Starbucks has long come to market Komodo in the world. In 1987, when Starbucks was a small coffee shop in Seattle, there were some employees who were experimenting Sulawesi and Sumatra coffee, which (until now) they supply from Indonesia. One of their coffee blends is finally named “Komodo Dragon Blend®”, which until now is sold in Starbucks outlets in the US.

Komodo is something sexy and exotic. Whether it will win or lose, Komodo is The Real Wonder of the World. One important point is its preservation so that it does not extinct. Komodo is the only living dragon. When people in China talk about dragon, the Komodo is the only real living in this world. When people in Hollywood tell stories about Jurassic Park, Komodo National Park in NTT is the real Jurassic Park!

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