Free Tibet Sneaker – Look what I got! Free Tibet sneaker! And they look aaaawesome!

The design of the cotton canvas upper (now 100% organic) takes inspiration from the Tibetan flag, which has been banned by occupying Chinese forces since 1959.

The sole unit is made from Komodo’s world famous recycled, reformed tyre rubber.

Hmm… by wearing these sneakers you are demonstrating your solidarity with the Tibetan people in their peaceful struggle for freedom.

Basically, this is a great SMART CASUAL shoe that I can wear with my jeans for traveling.

I’m a size 9 for sneakers, and they fit me perfectly!

If you want to look around a bit more, Komodo sells a Free Tibet sneaker for €87.75. But good luck trying to find them your size!

Peace and love from Lombok. Kisses!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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