Get A Taste of The Most Futuristic Cruise in Tokyo, Japan – While we were in Tokyo, we got a taste of the most futuristic cruise. Does it involve a boat designed by a manga author?

Weirdly specific question, but yes! Named after an ancient Japanese queen, the Himiko is a Tokyo Bay ‘water bus’ that shuttles riders between Asakusa, Odaiba and Toyosu.

If it looks a lot like a spaceship, that’s because it was designed by legendary sci-fi manga author Leiji Matsumoto (Space Battleship Yamato, Space Pirate Captain Harlock).

Here’s what we felt:

This is Sumida River โ€“ quite possibly the most beautiful river I have ever seen. How insanely gorgeous is that view?!

We took an Asakusa-Odaiba Direct line.

It shows you the old bridges and the emotion of Edo. You can feel the changing of Tokyo.

It’s not the cheapest cruise, but it is the most futuristic.

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A big thank you Japan National Tourism Organization, Garuda Indonesia, my readers, for following and supporting me on this journey!


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