Getting Skinny Dipping in Tobelo – April 2012, I’ve been in Tobelo for three weeks and I figured it was about time I started to live a bit more like a local.

Why did I get skinny dipping in Tobelo?

Travel has done some tremendous things to my life. It’s pushed me out of so many shells and made me open to so many new and different experiences I never imagined for myself. Traveling for so long and to so many new places has certainly transformed me.

It continues to push me to try new things—which keeps my life exciting and interesting. New things as simple as trying Cakalele Dance for the first time or eating Tobelo Sago worms food. Or, like I tried for the first time in Tobelo, getting skinny dipping at Dabiloha Beach with travel junkies like a local.

Travel will always push me toward new things as I’m sure it has transformed other travel junkies as well. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about living like a local and traveling frequently— the constant push to see and do more. And that’s how I ended up slipping off my boxer shorts and enjoying a sunny afternoon in Kakara island, Tobelo.

The weather was just brilliant. It was all very cool.

Well the other day, moved to Dabiloha Beach. it was quite comfortable. There were probably a few sketchy people around, but I was focused on seeing Milky Way, beautiful, stars, big, warm moonshine, a gentle breeze, and traditional wine ‘Sagero’. And yes, we were all skinny dipping at Dabiloha Beach. Ooh this, for the first time naturist with travel junkies from Indonesia, yo!

BOOM! I was naked. It was a heavy moment.


So that concludes my first skinny dipping or naked experience in Tobelo. There’s something completely freeing and relaxing about knowing it’s okay to be naked in public area. Once you get over your initial fears you realize it’s no big deal.

In the end, I’ll definitely be doing it again!

A big thank you to all my friends Tobelo Lovers and the others for the excellent trip.

Happy Green Travels!

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