Gili Kondo : Fabulous Tropical Island From East Lombok

Playing Beach Volley (Image courtesy of Nungki Nugroho) – I love a good tropical island! Travel Junkie Indonesia took a 6 day trip to Gili (island) Kondo, West Nusa Tenggara. And, it was AMAZING.

Gili Kondo or Gili Badek is one of Travel Junkie Indonesia’s tropical lovelands – which is on the other side of east Lombok Island. Leaving Labuhan Lombok, you can charter a boat to the uninhabited Gili Kondo. There is no Universal Studio, no shopping malls, no 5-star hotels, or fancy restaurants.

Wonderful Gili Kondo (Image courtesy of Nungki Nugroho)

We actually went with a group of friends. And, we spent a lot of time hanging out, having barbecues, playing beach volley, kayaking, having a glass of wine on the beach, lovely white beaches, naked and good coral for snorkling.

I feel like my body has been dipped in warm sunshine. It was the best trip ever.

It was indeed priceless, grand, spectacular and quite exotic. Like I said. WONDERFUL.

Happy Green Travels!

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