Go Karting at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Victoria

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I loves go karts and loves the thrill of speed. I’m a totally unique man with the heart of a typical little boy haha.

We arrived at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, which is about 90 minutes south east of Melbourne lies an island oasis. No traffic light or peak hour.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is a versatile venue. From grassy knolls and idyllic vistas, to rolling hills and rugged coastline. All this offered from Australia’s heart of action and racing.

With a history of action on the track dating back to 1928, the Phillip Island Circuit offers travel junkies the chance to re-acquaint themselves with all aspects of motor racing.

The island hosts stages of the World Superbike Championship, the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and V8 Supercar Championship.

When no races are being held, anyone can enjoy the thrill of go karts or hot laps in a HSV Holden.

We stepped into a visitor’s lounge, found the registration desks, and got ourselves signed in. Then we mustered on the viewing platform with 10 or so other people, while we waited for our session to start.

We were greeted by a friendly guy, who led us to our briefing room. Only the drivers needed to attend this briefing, all spectators just waited at the viewing platform or the grandstand.

Everyone sat down in the briefing room. They were all wearing sneakers, jeans and big smiles on their faces. Everyone of them looked like an excited 12 year old boy.

The briefing was excellent. Our guide went through the goals of the experience, the particular aspects of driving to focus on, what gears to use at what corners, the track map, showed us a quick video of a typical driving experience… and all their safety protocols.

It was professional, systematic, very thorough and at the end of it… even I felt completely confident that I would not crash the kart.

I was cool, calm and excited.

We walked down to the crew pits on the track, walking towards fulfilling one of my childhood dreams haha.

As we entered the space… a team of people helped all the drivers get into their fire-resistant suits, hairnets and helmets.

They were really attentive, constantly giving the divers safety checks and tips. It was all very well organised.

I started the engine and then I was off!

Holy moly! It was soooo fantastic and fast!

I was driving at 42.67 (speed) or something crazy like that!

I finally finished my last lap and I pulled into my bay.

I stepped out with a HUGE SMILE and looked so so SO thrilled and pleased with the whole thing. Bloody brilliant!

Best. Present. Ever. So good, I would do it AGAIN!

This experience is perfect for guys (or girls who love go karts!) as gifts for significant birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion!

It was a fantastic experience!

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Back Beach Road
Phillip Island VIC 3922
T. +61 3 5952 2710

Check them out on their website www.phillipislandcircuit.com.au.

A big thank you Tourism Victoria, Tourism Australia, my readers, for following and supporting me on this journey!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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