Golden Day in Gili Meno

meno rastaman chant. – Golden Day in Gili Meno, Lombok – Indonesia.

Yeah, I travel a lot now. I loved the mix of excitement and apprehension that came over me every time I landed in a new island.

I loved seeing new things, meeting new people, sitting on the beach, in cafés and just walking for miles, dreaming.

And I loved doing it all alone… That said, little by little, I found travel companions. pheeeeew…

My best friend lived in Lombok and we crossed together (and drank brem with some locals… such an amazing experience).

“hands down, the most beautiful place I have ever been to. And what an escape from the drab european winter.” – kasia

sun is shining scene.

two little birds in paradise.

My friends and I traveled all across Lombok and if we even just mention the trip we all start cracking up. Of course, I’ve had some bad experiences. You have to chose wisely the people you travel with!

And since then, when I think about it, few things really feel like a local.

I have some incredible moments with that endless big horizon in front of me. But the journeys are far too short.

They go by far too fast and are never far enough away. They never really seem to be what I’m looking for when I think of travel… Drowning myself in the contemplation of a landscape.

Leaving my comfort zone and accepting that I might not understand everything. And learning about others as well as myself. Gili Meno is fantastic and I felt great.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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