Gorgeous Dinner at Sky Loft, all seasons Jakarta Thamrin

Thetraveljunkie.org – The other day I went to Sky Loft at all seasons Jakarta Thamrin for dinner. The place was a very nice, clean, modern, fresh, hidden gem to dine at for a beautiful city view and some peace, and the staff were friendly and efficient. I ordered St. Jaques Salad with grilled scallop, pacri ananas, petit of salad. Red Snapper Pesmol with aromatic javanese broth, potato cake, water cress, red baby chili. Almond Layer Cake with glazed apricot, brandy snap. And I had a mocktails of shirley temple. However the food arrived quickly.

Overall, I’d say that the dinner serves were nice and large, the food was delicious, tasty, fresh and homey; the staff were friendly, they didn’t rush us out after I finished eating, the atmosphere and layout in the restaurant was great for families and groups.

I think I am happy to pay a bit more for the good service, relaxed atmosphere and positive dining experience with my family.

Hope you enjoyed my photos! I’m hungry now!


Stay tuned for my adventures in Jakarta.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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