Guided Tours on Foot in Stockholm, Sweden – I love this idea. I love taking any opportunity to get away from my daily routine and to create some experiences that I’ll remember forever. In Stockholm, I took guided tours on foot. And, if you wanna be happy, you gotta enjoy every step of your journey. Here are guided tours on foot in Stockholm:

01). ROOFTOP TOUR. Do you appreciate sky-high views? Then a rooftop tour is for you. In the company of safety-certified guides, you’ll get to see Stockholm from above – an extra-ordinary experience. |

02). MILLENNIUM. Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy is a worldwide success. This tour of Södermalm will take you to familiar places from the books and movies. It also features some of Stockholm’s best viewpoints. |

03). STOCKHOLM OUR WAY. Personalized tours with guides who love their city and want to share their best Stockholm tips. |

04). GHOST WALK. Explore the dark alleyways of Gamla Stan on a mystical, exciting tour through history. Tales of murder, disease, fires, legends and loads of ghosts. |

05). ART IN THE SUBWAYS. Over 90 of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm have a unique style with exciting art and embellishments. Take a guided tour of the architecture, artwork and artists. Or go on your own; you can find guide brochures at Stockholm Visitor Center. Tours are free with a valid ticket. |

06). PHOTO WALK. A tour that will take you to some of Stockholm’s most photographed and beloved sights. Simply put: a postcard tour! |

07). FOOD WALK. Discover some of Stockholm’s best restaurants on this guided food walk. An extraordinary culinary experience that offers various cuisines, food cultures and flavors. |

Highly recommended!

Stay tuned for my adventures in Stockholm.


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