Have You Decided Your Trip For Holiday This Year? Yokohama Takashimaya!

Thetraveljunkie.org – For those who are planning a trip to Japan, this time we will introduce a popular department store, YOKOHAMA TAKASHIMAYA!

Takashimaya has 17 stores nationwide and 3 international stores (Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan) and this Yokohama Takashimaya is number 1 in sales & customers count, proving it to be the top in Japan.

10 thousands people visiting here everyday – from B2F, 1F to 8F, starting from the world’s leading international brand, cosmetics corner that boasts top sales in Japan, and also women, men, and kids’ clothing are all here. Furthermore there are watches and jewelry, with all-time model unlike other stores. At 7th floor there are corner for high quality & functionality made-in-japan products including household supplies & tableware, also Japanese traditional clothes shop to feel Japanese long-lived culture. Meanwhile, underground floor sells various kinds of sweets, including Japanese one. There are also groceries corner and a collection of prepared foods & fruits expanding over 2 floors to satisfy customers.

Yokohama Takashimaya welcomed thousands of customers every day, making sure what each one needs can be find in the store, which is how Takashimaya got overwhelming supports.

That’s right! In Japan, Yokohama Takashimaya is number one in the number of stocks, surpassing those at Tokyo Shinjuku, and Osaka stores. The new & limited edition of brands is also here. And again, because Takashimaya always preparing goods those customers want, They received lots of trust and love from customers.

You might be surprised- this store is usually full even in the morning. But be assured, at information counter 1F there are English-speaking staffs. They will help you as best as they could, with smile.

This Yokohama Takashima has also been nicknamed as “Yokotaka” by regular customers. Here, on January 2nd, there’ll be clearance sales in the whole department. A lot of people wait in front of the door from the first day during this semiannual event. From the start people will run around the floor to get stuffs they like, which have 30%~50% price off! Plus, to foreigners, you will get duty-free (8%) which is superb. Other than that, Japan annual event “fukubukuro-hunting” will starts on 2nd! Fukubukuro is a mystery bag priced JPY5,000~JPY10,000, but inside it will be popular items valued JPY50,000~JPY100,000! The content of the bag is secret, and the anticipation is what makes fukubukuro fun. Trust your luck when buying and the talk about the contents with you family & friends. Get it as soon as possible since there are limited amount of bags! Yokotaka prepares lots of fukubukuro for customers.

Now Yokohama Takashimaya will introduce recommended popular products from Yokotaka! First of all, of course cosmetics for women. They prepare limited kits (mini-size version of popular cosmetics product) on January 2nd, which is particularly famous to young Japanese women! Special pouch of the kit is also what makes it popular since you cannot get it from other place. You can check the cosmetics in advance, HERE.

If you come here, by all means, check the international brands! Latest shops of this fall are newly renovated and lined up on second floor.

Around Yokohama Station region, you can get Tiffany, Dior, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana only at Yokohama Takashimaya which is really easy to find with luxury exterior. On fifth floor, there are watches & jewelry, both from international & Japan brand (like SEIKO’s watches and pearl). There are many rare & limited watches at Yokotaka. Also, the after-sales service is also great, which is why many customers have trust on us (warranty attached).

Until February 28th, Yokohama Takashimaya will give special privileges to foreign customers. You can shop at 10%~15% off the normal price. Please stop by at Information Counter 1F for the coupons. You can forget the tiredness of your journey when shopping in the luxury atmosphere.

Next is women’s clothing. The clearance will start on January 2nd! Lots of popular items will get price down this year. Our recommendations are, buy selected fashionable items from all over the world “Style & Edit”. Popular items this season are wool coat and knit. Rough looks in denim, celebrity-style is also regaining popularity this year.

The fourth floor, there are a lot of cute & sweet style brands! Pink and white, floral patterned one-piece can transform you to lovely sweetgirls!

For adult women, we recommend cashmere sweater made from Takashimaya original material which has 21 options of colors! You will absolutely find color that suits you. Also you can get 30% off starting from January 2nd.

You can check the details, HERE.

For men, to be fashionable, of course you need good clothes and add some accessories to stand out. You can choose your coat at Burberry! This year the classic garbadine appeared in new color and whole range of sizes. For Japan brand, Comme Ca Men is recommended. Their good tailoring has gained domestic support. Accessories are also important points in being fashionable.

Do you know 999.9 glasses? It is glasses fram brand made?in?Japan, which is directly operated stores in Yokohama district. Not only frames, sunglasses are also available.

Next is bag. Bag maker who represents Japan is Yoshida Bag Porter. Regardless of business & casual, the popular tanker series and other items can be found here.

For business men who travel around the world is Rimowa suitcase, which is popular both local & abroad. You can only find it here in Yokohama. Maybe you can buy a suitcase to put all your shoppings. For those who are tired, Phiten has necklace which is a sports accessories brand that is also athletes’ favorites. There are also other handy items that can be used in sports scene.

After shopping for yourself, next is for your cute child & grandchild! First is Miki House black bear/ baby shoes of the popular “Miki House”. It is opened as original brand in department store in March 2009. Mainly Japanese-made, it is expanded to 70cm~140cm. Miki House is also number 1 in Japan for newborn clothing sales. They put commitment to manufacture all the products in the country with high quality, choosing the best natural materials which are good in water & humidity absorption. They got the first ISO9001 in baby clothes industry. Such a reliable product is what we need for a quick & healthy growing. Yokohama Takashimaya are giving free gifts to buyers for a limited time.

A brand which is popular to both children and adults, Sanrio, we recommend Kitty nail clipper as a souvenir. It is unique because it comes with nail stopper to avoid nails to scatter, and the price is at a reasonable JPY1080.

Speaking of souvenirs, at long-established stationery shop Evolt (Pilot) Ginza Ito-ya, black, red, mechanical pencil is recommended. Really useful in office.

For those who feel tired of shopping, you can have a rest here.

There are cafes on each floor. You can relieve yourself at Japanese style shop with sweets and green tea, and then come to Takano Fleur Parlor to enjoy seasonal fruits. If you want sweet things, try hotcake of Ginza West which is loved by Japanese since old days. Located near the Imperial Villa, western-style local Hayama chaya cake is also recommended.  For coffee lover, there is Inoda Coffe and you can taste the deep coffee taste. There are many variations of the coffee selections, have a rest. Then you can continue to shop.

Now let’s go to the 7th floor. Here you can shop and feel Japanese culture and 180 years of Takashimaya history. At art gallery, negotiation process between buyer and artist is introduced. There are also pottery, painting, and modern arts. You can ask the details of the arts. Tools of tea ceremony can also be bought here, such as bowl with beautiful patterns.

Near there is a kimono corner. They have a lot of kimono, and you can try them. There are also hair ornaments, bags, sandals, and other kimono accessories. You can find incense and try to smell it before buying it for souvenir.

In addition, there are “Yokohama Goods” which are certified goods with Yokohama patterns & motive on them. “Ariake Harbor” is a nostalgic sweet which is well-known to Yokohama residents. Also Yokohama Takashimaya are selling original custom-made hijab, don’t forget to check here.

Furthermore there are interior & living supplies corners. You can enjoy traditional Japanese style here, such as tableware and washcloths which are made by utilizing Japanese traditional techniques. Please come to Countries Folk Ginza Takumi to watch Japanese craftsmanship, they will demonstrate Japanese artisans’ skills.

Yuu Nakagawa was founded in 1716 at Japan by Nakagawa Masashichi. They have materials, technology, and design of textile-based accessories (handkerchief, bag, pouch) with original traditional feels.

Imabari Towel is a popular towel in Japan. Northern part of Ehime which is blessed with mild climate and water, it has been manufacturing comfortable towels by combining traditional & modern technologies for 120 years. Feel free to touch them.

Daily durable & handy goods such as mobile stainless bottle, pot, saucepan with original colors (pink, yellow, blue) can be found only in here. You’ll want to bring them back and use it at home. Other than that, there are many goods with Japan world heritage Mount Fuji motive here. The most popular souvenir is chopstick that can also be used as spoon rest.

There will be clearance sale here from January 2nd. Western & eastern tableware is also here, with lots of stocks! Cup, bowl, chopsticks, and plate are here – with 30%~50% off!

8th floor is an event space. Various sponsored & limited stuffs are sold here every week. The popular Hokkaido & Kyushu booths those sell their local foods received many visitors during their exhibition period. In addition to that, men, women, and kids clothes bargain that is carefully selected is also held here, with 30%~70% price off. Held every 6 months, Wacoal sale is number one in Japan in sales and stocks; you will find your size here. Don’t forget to check this exhibition space in advance!

Regardless of children or adults, what make them smile is food. In Japan, “Depa-chika” (department store basement) has been widely loved by customers. Using seasonal ingredients everyone will enjoy nationwide famous Japanese foods here. Now we will introduce popular food that is popular Yokotaka foreign visitors.

Another recommended souvenir is Kazuyasu-do “Macha”. This long-established brand sells stick-type and set of macha to make tea-making easier. Rich soup with flavorful taste that represents Japanese culture is also sold here, just add hot water and it will be done beautifully. Check it out!

For sweets, craftman of “Club Harie” baked them carefully layer by layer, making them soft, fluffy, and deep moist in flavor. Original package of Yokohama Takashimaya is also recommended as souvenir.

“Audrey” is a newly opened confectionary shop that sells tuile with milky cream sweets and strawberry. You can find this only in Yokohama Takashimaya! Everyday by 4pm, the tuile always sold out proving its popularity.

For adults, we recommend Japanese sake from all over Japan, which is carefully crafted with its unique flavor due to the region land & climate. You can enjoy sake in various ways- cool, warm, or room temperature, depending on the side dishes and season. For luxury Japanese foods, sometimes sake is added. Yokotaka has the most assortments of sake among other stores, including rare ones. Please take a look.

After walking around the stores… don’t you feel hungry? Last but not least, I will introduce food court at 8th floor “Rose Dining”. With a total of 18 shops, they open until 22:30 and sell many kinds of food during lunch and dinner. Since you are already in Japan, you can try some Japanese food here.

“Fukusuke” Sushi, “Tenichi” Tempura, Japanese charismatic chef Nakamura Takaaki’s Japanese dishes restaurant “Takaaki”, chicken specialized restaurant “Hachikian”, Pork cutlet “Katsu Hisamuan”, Soba “Nagasaka Sarasina” are among restaurants here.
Even if you have limited time, here is a great place.

All in all, you can do a lot of shopping in this department store. Special brand, cosmetics, fashion, household goods, food, art, all can be enjoyed here. Since January & February will be time sale, you can look for items you need in off prices. Even Japan is on a cold season, it will be HOT inside the stores with the large bustles of customers. Your visit here will be worthy, because Japan number 1 products is here!!!

There are all kinds of services here. Multilingual staff will be at information counter 1F. If you show your passport here, you can get a 5% shopping coupon (with some product exclusions). Duty-free counter is also at 1F, don’t forget to visit here after finishing you shopping. In addition, each floor has voice interpretation service via telephone. Money changer is on 7th floor. Please ask sales representative nearby if you have any trouble. For those who travels with small children, don’t worry since there is a baby restroom available on 6th floor.

This year, Yokohama Takashima is celebrating its 55th anniversary. Our aim is to become your number 1 choice.

For more information about Yokohama Takashima, visit www.takashimaya.co.jp.


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