Having Orgasms in the Brisbane Festival Riverfire Show

symphony under the stars | taken by Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Hello lovely readers! A dream of mine came true when I traveled to Brisbane Festival for the first time.

I had always wanted to visit mainland Australia, so when I was invited to Brisbane to ‘perform’ at event, I jumped the very generous invitation. It was a brief but memorable trip and I’ve gathered the highlights here.

Omg! Omg! No way! Yes! Omg! Omg I’m going to orgasssmmmmsssss! Omg!

My eyes were having ORGASMS!

That was my reaction when I saw this Brisbane Festival Riverfire show, brings Brisbane Festival to a fantastic end.

Fantastic is the only word that I could think while I was watching the riverfire show. I was incredibly lucky to take, and will never, ever forget.

Took VIP riverfire cruise hosted by Tangalooma Island Resort, below are some photos I managed to take during Brisbane Festival Riverfire show, enjoy!

check-in for vip riverfire cruise | taken by Sony NEX-7

white cruise smiling at me | taken by Sony NEX-7

riverfire raaf aircrafts | taken by Sony NEX-7

riverfire military helicopters | taken by Sony NEX-7

as a music destination | taken by Sony NEX-7

This cruise included drinks, canapes, and dinners. Hmmm… sitting by the cruise at sunset. I love it!

RAAF aircrafts and military helicopters passes over the city as part of the Riverfire display.

It was awesome … I love the noise.

Its my idea of perfect springtime | taken by Sony NEX-7

riverfire is so good to me… | taken by Sony NEX-7

come out of hibernation | taken by Sony NEX-7

brisstyle indie lights | taken by Sony NEX-7

red and blue, starting from the inside | taken by Sony NEX-7

sweet springtime kiss | taken by Sony NEX-7

brissy stole my heart | taken by Sony NEX-7

It was fun and it was something new.

Watching fireworks under the stars and the new moon.

Loving life.

Brisbane city salutes you!

A big thank you to Garuda Indonesia, Brisbane City Council, Queensland Government, Visit Gold Coast, Lady Elliot Island, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Tourism Australia.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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