Helping Indigenous Communities to Enhance Climate Change Resilience in Siberut Biosphere Reserve – Well, Travel Junkie Indonesia SO excited to tell you all about this information.

UNESCO has contributed to overcome the rapid loss of forest cover and biodiversity as well as promoted sustainable development in Siberut Biosphere Reserve where a distinctive indigenous culture is intricately linked to unique ecosystem and biodiversity.

UNESCO Office Jakarta has established a collaborative management system between park authority and indigenous communities which target the lack of community participation in planning and decision-making concerning conservation and management of natural resources and sustainable use of ecosystems, taking into account customary practices in resource use as well as promoting cooperation between parties.

UNESCO has also managed to increase community support for conservation as well as providing a stimulus for socio-economic development in Siberut Island, through promoting community-based micro development schemes, such biogas system as alternative energy and eco-friendly agro-forestry practices (e.g. hardwood and agroforestry tree nursery). In order to prevent increasing poverty in the transfer from a subsistent to cash economy, and to explore economic opportunities without affecting the customary resource management, UNESCO has developed community based ecotourism activities in the island, taking into account local environmental perceptions and CEKMS (Customary Ecological Knowledge and Management Systems).

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