Hiring A Travel Blogger?

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Travel bloggers dream of getting paid to do the two things they love most: travel and blogging. Anyone can start one, but very few people can make money from them.

What you think you’re paying for? someone who can travel blogging.

What you’re actually paying for? Someone who can create blog posts that will meet your requirements

01. Camera equipment
02. Smartphone equipment
03. Computer equipment
04. Editing sofware
05. Hundreds of hours of education and training required to operate all of the above effectively.
06. Data storage and back-ups
07. Transportation costs
08. Promotion and website costs
09. Telephone and internet services
10. Meet deadlines
11. Brand objectives
12. Portfolio
13. Perfect blog posts
14. Respond well to critique
15. Punctual with email etc
16. Active on social media
17. Quality photos
18. SEO copywriting
19. Large social media following
20. Photoshop skills
21. Basic HTML
22. Digital Marketing exp
23. _____________________ (free to comment and add some of your requirements)

Not to mention:
A living wage so the travel blogger can pay for food, housing, and all other living expenses

Still think that hiring a professional travel blogger is expensive?

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – So if you do hire a cheap travel blogger don’t be surprised when they deliver terrible blog posts that you can’t use!

A professional travel blog does well not just for the business but for the local economy.

And, it’s online marketing trends & stats 2014:


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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