Holiday in Bandung: Kawah Putih – A few weeks ago we spent a couple of days in Bandung. We love visiting different spots in Indonesia and especially those that we haven’t been to before, it always makes us think that you don’t have to travel far to see amazing things. We enjoy going away and being at one nature. Not very long ago we discovered a place in South of Bandung which is great for getting lost and taking photos: Kawah Putih, a volcanic crater with a beautiful turquoise lake.

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This is my favorite place that I’ve stayed in Bandung, so far. Kawah Putih is a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater about 50 km south of Bandung in West Java in Indonesia. Kawah Putih lake is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano. ??? #tripofwonders #wonderfulindonesia

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We’ve added this spot to the trip of Wonder Map because we think that it is really wonderful and it really is worth seeing. So, if you like to travel around Indonesia, follow #TripofWonders on social media channels and share your recently discovered places on social media and blog! You’ll help other people around you to discover hidden gems.

Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.

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