How to Cook Like A Gudeg Maker in Yogyakarta

A gudeg maker pose at Gudeg Yu Djum’s kitchen | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7– Are you ready to burp, burp, and burp?

I have some pretty cool to share from Yogyakarta, where International Travel Bloggers spent much of last month.

Central Javan food is sweet, even the curries, like gudeg (young jackfruit stewed with coconut milk, palm sugar, and spices). Gudeg is eaten with rice, opor ayam (a sort of chicken curry), a hard-boiled egg, spicy buffalo skin (Javanese called Krecek), and tofu.

How to cook like a gudeg maker in Yogkakarta. One afternoon in Jogja we went to Gudeg Yu Djum’s main kitchen to find out what makes her gudeg so DELICIOUS!

Well, Gudeg Yu Djum is one of the most famous restaurants in city of Yogyakarta. Yu Djum’s gudeg and its accompaniments are prepared behind the eatery’s second shop in kitchens that wouldn’t have changed much since Yu Djum started her business decades ago.

Here the gudeg, the main ingredient is being cooked. Everything is cooked over wood.

Half a dozen people are cleaning and dividing whole raw female ayam kampung (‘village’ chicken) | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Rays of sunshine cut through the smokey kitchen | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

This elderly woman is preparing chillis to be served with the nasi gudeg | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

A woman is sitting solitary and silent while she rips apart banana leaves. Gudeg Yu Djum used for the presentation of the meal | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Gudeg Yu Djum, 8,000 Rupiah ($0.83) buys you a serving of Nasi Gudeg Telur | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Gudeg, which is produced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the location we were visiting, is then shipped to additional restaurants throughout Yogyakarta.

There’s no secret to gudeg. The ingredients are simple and everyone knows them. The flavor comes from the hands of the cook. The hands in Yu Djum’s kitchens are very talented indeed.


Gudeg Yu Djum, No. 31 Jalan Wijilan | Kraton and Jalan Kaliurang km 4.5, Karangasem CT III/22, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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