Idul Fitri Nastar Cookies

nastar cheese cookies ala travel junkie | camera Sony NEX-7 – My mom and I made these pretty Nastar over the Ramadan weekend for friends and family in Idul Fitri, Eid is known in Indonesia as Idul Fitri (or more popular as Lebaran) and is a national holiday.

These traditional Indonesian cookies with sweet pineapple filling are typically made during holidays. They are quick, simple to make, and ready to self-explanatory.

I don’t care how cute and “homemade” they look, I’ve had enough! We used family recipe and I just want to make nice looking Idul Fitri cookies for once dammit haha!

Here’s Nastar recipe making cheese cookies Special.

not only pineapple, here’s nastar choco cookies ala self-explanatory | camera Sony NEX-7

sweet nastar with pineapple jam on the top | camera Sony NEX-7

The main ingredient of cheese cookies Nastar:
200 grams of butter
Egg yolks 2 eggs
50 grams of refined sugar
350 grams of wheat flour
Cornstarch flour 1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon of full cream milk powder
1/4 tsp vanilla powder

Fill ingredients Nastar cheese cookies:
So buy pineapple jam, or
1 piece of pineapple, finely grated
125 grams of granulated sugar
5 grains Cloves
3 cm or knuckles Cinnamon

Nastar cheese cookies spreads:
Egg yolks 1 egg
1 tablespoon water
Enough for a sprinkling of grated cheese on top Nastar

How to make the pineapple jam:
1. Cook grated pineapple with sugar, cloves, and cinnamon over low heat.
2. Stir until dry, do not overcook, remove and let cool.

stay at the oven for 15 minutes | camera Sony NEX-7

a natural nastar | camera Sony NEX-7

How to make Nastar cheese cookies:
1) Whisk the eggs and the mixer, sugar, butter, until well blended

2) Enter the cornstarch, flour, vanilla powder and milk, while in the sieve and stir until blended

3) Take the dough and just guessed at the size, spherical shape and fill with pineapple jam to taste

4) Prepare a baking pan, spread with margarine. Place the cookie dough onto the baking sheet so, give the distance

5) Brush with egg yolk, and sprinkle top with grated cheese

6) Bake cake in oven temperature 175 degrees centigrade. Wait about 15 minutes or until cake is cooked

7) Remove, let cool dam put in an airtight jar

Enjoy xxx

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. well done, kakak! wow, I thought you were only joking when posting nastar pictures a few days ago ^^

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