If You Want To Work in Travel Blogging

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Here are then things you need to know if you want to work in travel blogging.

The Travel Blog Profession is generally misunderstood; this is an effort to set the record straight.

01. It is not about travel blog posts
Do you like travel blogging? That’s great. These days the travel blogging is all about other things. In my travel blog, we talk about travel and culture, daily life, fashion and style, food and health, hotel and resort, and people.

02. It is all about people
You need good communication skills to work in travel blogging, and you can’t really afford to be shy. Everything is focused on catering to the information needs of whatever community your travel blog needs, and it can be hectic out there.

03. It is all about technology
If you’re scared of technology, you can’t work in travel blogging. Travel blogs are at the cutting edge of content delivery; Travel Blog Professionals have to lead the way and be early adopters of new platforms and trends.

04. You will need a qualification
Once you get beyond the entry level, everyone going for the good jobs will have some kind of post-graduate qualification: a Master or a Diploma.

If you’re serious about the profession, you need to factor in the time and money involved in doing this.

05. The competition is tough
More people qualify in travel bloggers each year than retire. And there are a lot of over-qualified people in the travel blog profession, generally. in short, travel bloggers is not the soft option it is sometimes portrayed as: you have to work really hard to get anywhere.

06. Social media is your friend
Travel blog professionals love social media. Places like Twitter and the others can provide support, guidance, encouragement, and a place to exchange ideas. They help you feel plugged in to the wider profession.

07. You need to be ready to fight
There is a more or less constant battle against the old blogger stereotypes, and it inhibits our ability to do our job. If people don’t respect us, they don’t get the most out of our services.

Travel blog advocacy is something we are all involved with, all the time – it’s just a question of whether or not we seize our opportunities and do it well.

08. You have to be okay with change
Travel blogs have probably changes more in the last two years than in their entire previous history put together. Change is the only constant, so you need to be comfortable embracing new things all the time.

09. You can pursue existing passion
One of the great things about travel blogging is how often you can pursue existing passions in a professional capacity. Like writing? published in any number of blog posts. Like social media? Use it to promote your blog. Like history? Work in an archive. Etc etc.

10. There are so many different roles
You can work in Travel Writing, Photographic, Digital Marketing, Customer Services, Digitisation, Press and Publicity, Training, Web Management, Infomation Reference, Subject Teams, IT and Systems, Design, Accountancy, Museums, Galleries, e-strategy, Conservation, Publishing, Projects, Copyright, Community Engagement, SEO, etc.

So, free to comment and add some of your things you need to know if you want to work in travel blogging.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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