Indigenous Architecture of the Baduy, Indonesia – When in Cibeo village, Baduy Dalam. I stayed at Kang Sarta home. Baduy homes are simple, constructed only of natural materials such as bamboo and palm thatching, without windows and without furniture or other furnishings.

They use no modern utensils, mechanised equipment or manufactured materials such as glass or plastic. Within the Baduy territory there is no electricity or other modern conveniences. No electronic equipment, motor vehicles or other instruments of the outside world are permitted to enter.

Their home stand on some wooden stilts. The stilts stand on stones as function to support the weight of the home and set the homes floor flat.

They also forbidden to change the homes site conditions, such as by way of flattened or excavated of ground. Homes should adjust to the conditions of its site.

Construction techniques that make homes resistant earthquake because construction is not rigid, flexible and able to absorb the shocks of the earthquake. Fantastic!

Bamboo pegs use when two woods or construction in wet condition, when they are dried the joins becomes stronger. Another important building is leuit that serves as a place to store rice.

Leuit stand on some stilts but its size smaller than dwelling house. Leuit located separately from the location of the settlement.

To prevent the rats entered the leuit, at the top of the pillars mounted horizontally circular board.

Overall, the techniques used by traditional Baduy Dalam community showed their creativity and innovation, responding to the material and the nature.

Wonderful Indonesia!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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