International Travel Bloggers Amazed at Indonesia’s Many Tourism Wonders

International Travel Bloggers at Borobudur areas (Photo by @MissLaiLai) – Last month, I took a magical mystery tour with International Travel Bloggers. It was WONDERFUL!

“Indonesia is full of variety with new things to discover on every island.” – Michael Turtle, travel blogger from Sydney, Australia.

Well, 11 International Travel Bloggers were invited by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to visit some of Indonesia’s top tourist destinations from 7th to 19th October.

International Travel Bloggers amazed at Indonesia’s many tourism Wonders. The journey took them to the jungles of Central Kalimantan (Borneo) to get up close to the orang utans at the Tanjung Puting National Park. Then it was on to see the great Borobudur Buddhist temple in Central Java, a visit to Yogyakarta, party with Ramayana at Prambanan temple, and an early pre-dawn mountain climb to watch the sun rise over Mount Bromo in East Java. The trip then continued with a flight to see the Komodo dragons in East Nusa Tenggara, topped off with a visit to exotic Bali, before each finally headed home.

Travel Junkie Indonesia, on social media scene was also amazed by the sights in Pink Beach. He was also overwhelmed by the beauty of the uniquely natural colored Beach before he plunged in to see more splendors below the surface. He later added that for him, the experience was almost spiritual.

Pink Beach, Komodo National Park (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)

While the 12 days adventure may have given some of the most exciting experiences for its participants, yet, the vast stretching islands in Indonesia still offer a whole lot more for those in search of endless wonders.

To follow their fascinating experiences in Indonesia, you can log on to the following blogs:

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2. David Lee at

3. Anton Diaz at

4. Kirsten Alana Larsson at

5. Juno Kim at

6. Stephen Bugno at

7.Eunice Khong at

8. Amalla Vesta Widaranti at

9. Veny Lai at

10. Michael Turtle at

11.  Where Junkie at now? ooh, here at haha!

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Three words: we love Indonesia.

A big thank you to  the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the others for the excellent #Travel2Indonesia trip.

Happy Green Travels!

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