Thetraveljunkie.org – Hot springs, or onsen, are a big deal in Miyagi Zao Royal Hotel, Japan. onsen are comprised of volcanic spring water that’s full of natural minerals, giving health benefits like clearer skin, detoxification and even weight loss (it’s said that bathing in the hottest onsen water can burn the same amount of kilojoules as jogging). If you’re a first-timer, be sure to check this out.

01). Please take off your underwear before you go into the bath area.

02). Please wash yourself well before getting into the bathtub. Please sit down for taking a shower, and do not waste water.

03). Please keep your towel out of the bathtub.

04). Please do not run in the bath area, and do not swim in the bathtub.

05). Please refrain from taking videos, photos or washing your clothes or underwear.

06). Please wipe yourself off before coming out of the dressing area.

Attention: Please do not take a hot bath just before or after the meal, or after drinking an adove-average amount of alcohol.

A big thank you Japan National Tourism Organization, ANA, and my readers for following and supporting me on this journey!

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