Javanese Indigo Batik In Fashion Diplomacy – Photography work for Kelir. The Javanese luxury house organized a Javanese Indigo batik party to celebrate fashion diplomacy. Brisbane as the stage, and Kelir X Silk Laundry as the host. The rest? All surprises. Kelir launched a book, “JAVANESE INDIGO BATIK: Discovering the ancient wisdom of the indigo natural-dyeing process”-written by batikologist Zahir Widadi, at Silk Laundry.

Pak Zahir gave me my first lesson about Javanese batik in 2014, in Semarang – the Sister City of Brisbane. Eight years later, we’re very blessed that he chose Brisbane as the place to launch his book and introduce his work to an international audience. It’s been a joy to host Pak Zahir and his collaborator, Felicia Nugroho, and to introduce Kelir to the community in Brisbane and beyond. Pak Zahir and I share a love and respect for the natural world and a vision to innovate traditional Javanese indigo Batik for an international audience. – Carla Van Lunn


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