Kafé 44: Anarchy In Stockholm

Thetraveljunkie.org – When your evening wanderings take you to a cool underground cafe. We just stumbled on this one. Kafé 44 is a café and concert place on Tjarhovsgatan 46 Stockholm, Sweden. We hadn’t known about it when we set out to discover the area and only really stumbled across it after getting lost in the city’s streets. We were totally blown away by the decoration and decided to go in. The atmosphere great and the fika is to die for.

The café is operated by three non-profit groups that together run the café: Bokhandeln INFO, Dagfiket and Scen 44. INFO is an anarchist bookstore, Dagfiket is the café open during the days and finally Scen 44 is the part that handles concerts and runs the café during concerts.

The place is part of the building Kapsylen, an old bottling plant that is cooperately owned. Kafe 44 is also a popular place for anarchists, socialists and anti- fascists.

We loved the vegan and vegetarian choices and the cool crowd that wandered in and out. A cafe with a conscience.


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