Kampung Naga, A Small Piece of Heaven

human touch.

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – This day, my Norwegian friends and I bring you to the Kampung Naga, Tasikmalaya, West Java – a traditional village and a museum piece of Sundanese architecture and village life.

We took a long, peaceful walk in the warm tropical.

The village is home to 120 families, who preserve the old ways of life despite the crowds of travel junkies that pass through here during the peak season.

With its thatched-roof houses, nestled next to a river and surrounded by precipitous hillsides – there are 360 steps up to the car park on the main highway.

And, here’s what we felt and saw in a small piece of heaven:

disco heaven.

heaven’s on tropical.

living proof.

heaven will wait.

working on the highway.

streets of naga.

the white house.

glory days.

meeting some new friends.

heaven for everyone.

sharing scene.

born to run.

smile heaven.

lucky village.

It was peaceful moments, indeed priceless, and WONDERFUL!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. It was beautiful and amazing. Indonesia is truly magnificent. The natural beauty both on land and at sea as an earthly paradise.

  2. wah suasanya asik banget nih untuk liburan ngajak istri dan keluarga besar. pasti beban di kota bakal ilang semua nih seminggu nginep disini.

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