Kei Islands : One of The Best Beaches In The World – Kei islands, Maluku – Indonesia is one of the best beaches in the world by lonely planet. There’s a growing chorus that says these remote white-sand beaches are the finest the world has to offer. Development has been slow around the Kai archipelago, so the beaches remain unspoilt and as nature intended. If you’re not big on pristine powdery sands, azure seas, rare and varicoloured birds, arresting fish and wondrous coral reefs, then stay away. Everyone else: enjoy. Upon arrival at Pasir Panjang or Kei Kecil, you’ll find locals ready to organise accommodation for you in a basic beach cottage; ensure that the agreed price includes the daily delivery of fresh water and meals.

Maluku or the ‘Moluccas’ is secret paradise — everything green, blue, tropical, exotic. it’s like a dream!

If you are flying to the Kei Islands from Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia’s western time zone, you’d better take enough rest before the flight given the two-hour time difference.You can find public minivans serving long routes across the island. But for your own convenience, better rent a car or a motorcycle from locals, as almost public minivan drivers have an inexplicable penchant for turning up the volume of their car stereo.

While the Kei Islands is supposed to be in its dry season in July, torrential rains often hit the islands without warning. Sunglasses, blockout and a waterproof hooded jacket are essential.

What to Do: Beach hopping, snorkling, kayaking, diving, ect

So, open your map, visit, and enjoy Kei islands! it’s time to connect with earth, white-sand, the sun, local music, new culture, local foods, ect.

Happy Green Travels!

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Travel Junkie Magazine Post | Vol 1, Maluku Issue.

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  1. It is a trully the most beautiful beach in the world,the sands was very smooth,the sea,the fresh air,people smile and hospitality….the yummy foods…it”s exelent!!!!! One of the places that everyone need to visit.

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