Komodo Dragon Attack Survivor in Rinca Island Tells Incredible Tale of Fight For His Life

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Traveljunkieindonesia.com – We went to Rinca Island with some travel bloggers.

Komodo National Park is really the real wonder of the world. Beside its exotic beauty, Komodo dragon, kind of prehistoric animals, are living there.

Komodo dragon is a beast and cannibal animal, hence all travel junkies should explore national park carefully. Even though it has bad eyesight, Komodo dragon is able to sensibly hear and smell.

Komodos, the world’s largest monitor lizards, can grow up to three metres and typically weigh to 70 kilograms.

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My friends and I met sir Maen at his office, Rinca Island. “I don’t like to tell more my story because when I tell again, when I’m sitting alone, I remember. I would like to try to forget this story.” he said.

But Sir Maen, has agreed to tell us his tale of fight for life.

It was 2009, In that attacked and he was sitting at his desk at the Rinca island front office, where tourists usually check in, when the two-metre-long lizard sneaked into his room.

“I don’t use the shoes – just sandals. So after I saw the dragon I think ‘what do I do?’. But in my feeling, I have to pull my leg away.”

“I think that if I not pull my leg, the dragon will bite and swallow”, Sir Maen goes on.

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“So I tried to pull my leg but the dragon follow and I look and see a tail moving over there. And I think this is a problem for me. And I pull my leg too fast and it got trapped in the table and then the dragon bite.”

And, another ranger heard his scream and quickly ran to his aid.

“I shouted and he came to help me but he didn’t like to come up because the dragon was still moving around”, sir Maen explains.

“Then he saw the blood on the floor and he got everyone from the kitchen. All the people come running here, but other dragons follow along as well.”

Like I written here. Komodo dragon can smell blood as far as 9 – 12 miles. Komodo will instinctively think the blood-smell as its prey.

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“So then they carry me down but there were lots of dragons down here”, he recalls.

“There were about seven dragons, all bigger, waiting there. One other friend pushed away all the dragons with a stick. Then they took me to a jetty and go to Flores Island,to Bali, and get medicine in the hospital.”

Sir Maen thinks, his tale of fight for life is important for people to understand the dangers of the Komodo dragons.

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