Komodo Sunset To Live For, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia

Thetraveljunkie.org – Sitting on a hill at Labuhan Bajo, under a spectacular setting sun. And, singing Komodo Sunset by Ivan Nestorman.

We spent the holiday in East Nusa Tenggara… paddling in the beach, building a huge sand castle, having barbeques, snorkling, diving, eating ice cream, cycling, having picnics, chatting and hanging out with wonderful friends.

Thinking about happiness, love, laughter, good times and being blessed.

Komodo Sunset by Ivan Nestorman

Kolep leso sale ge
mane tana..
Leros lelon awang
Belot bon nai ge..

Bora bail lino ge
Komodo Sunset
Kuni agu kalo ge..
Nisang bon nai
Loas ce’e tana bora..

Lelo Komodo sunset de
Warnai Labuan Bajo sky
betamai cafe paradise

Monggur meka liba
pe’ang mai tana pe’ang..
ce’e tana Manggarai
Mai pota Ora..

Reges lima leke de
Lima gantang ta..

Landing neka sendos
We’ang penong salang..
Na’a nia rangam
Mbeis lata e..

The night skies of the country with its glittering blanket of diamonds is the most breathtaking and  romantic sights I’ve ever seen. I will definitely miss this.

Loving life. One word: magical.

Wonderful Indonesia!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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